a day in the life of Waylon: the candle pug

There’s no doubt that there’s something special about small businesses.  Here, we are a studio family, all the candles are carefully hand poured and shipped, and we love every one of our sweet candle friends.  Antique Candle Co.® (previously Antique Candle Works) is unique as far as small businesses go, but we also have one thing that sets us apart from the rest.  Meet:


The Candle Pug.

Waylon starts his days at the Antique Candle Co.® studio with the best brew our K-Cups have to offer.  He is not a morning pug, so no puppy-talk until he’s finished his coffee.  That’s nonnegotiable.

With a much needed caffeine kick, Waylon can finally start filling our wax melter, ‘Pam’.  (The other melters are dubbed Phyllis, Kevin, and Jim—HA!)  Sometimes this can get a bit messy… 

Once that’s done, it’s time for managerial duties.  Waylon is the overseer of the studio and not a thing gets by his watchful eye—until he falls asleep.  Besides his morning nap, Waylon takes his role as Boss Pug very seriously.

Lunch time, Waylon’s second favorite activity of the day (after going home and eating dinner).  He licks his dish clean, but can’t stop himself from begging for an extra treat from the candle makers.  Puppy-dog eyes alert! 

After lunch, Waylon takes a break from the studio to do some office work with his human.  It’s a little confusing for this pug, so he mainly just watches Brittany work her magic.

Candle time!  Once the candles have been poured (which Waylon made sure of during his overseeing duties), it’s time to clean them up.  Waylon is pro-pug at making sure every candle is cleaned and labeled perfectly for our candle friends!

Waylon loves shipping you your favorite candles!  So much so that he might steal a box for himself and pretend to be Happy Mail!  (Adorable happy mail!)

Finally, with his busy list of duties for the day complete, this Candle Pug is ready for a well-deserved nap until it’s time to close up the studio.  A long day of hard work and candle making couldn’t have happened without his helpful paw.

The Antique Candle Co.® Candle Pug is so much fun!  I hope you love Waylon as much as we do.  Not every candle business has such an adorable mascot!

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“Have a pawsome day, friends!” –The Candle Pug


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  • Cathy

    What a handsome candle pug… what is it about a dog I say that quietly that makes all of us better people we can forget all our troubles with just a quick look they know our souls when we are happy and when we are sad ♥️🐶♥️

  • Jessie

    I’m a pretty new customer of your candles and have been delighted with each scent I’ve purchased. Seeing Waylon today made me smile! In my humble opinion, you couldn’t have a more perfect mascot! The snorts, the magical flying fur that’s never ending, and looking into that smooshed face that is perfection, no doubt lifts one’s spirit on those long days. I’m also blessed to be a pug owner. Her name is Winnie and she’s a delight just like your Waylon. So happy I found your company!

    Jessie Diaz

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