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During the past few months, there have been a lot of exciting new changes going on inside the Antique Candle Works Studio! (Now Antique Candle Co.®!) We are thrilled to see the business growing first-hand and want to give you an inside look at our developments and plans for the near future. 

New Faces

Just since the start of the year, the studio has been booming as we hand pour more and more candles to fulfill orders for a growing list of clients.  As the number of candles we needed to make and ship increased, Brittany realized that it may be time to bring another person onto the Antique Candle Works team.  And that is how we met our newest friend, Macey! 

Macey has been an amazing help in the studio and in just over a month, has increased efficiency and allowed us to bring even more candles to your home!  


The growth in candle sales also made us realize that the studio itself needed a major revamping!  We were running out of room not only in the production area, but also in the packaging and the shipping area.  Something needed to be done.  With the help of Brittany’s husband, Dan, we built and set up three new tables (1 for production, 2 for shipping), three label racks, a new stocking shelf, and completely reorganized the shipping area. 

This increased production by at least 50 16oz candles and allows us to more easily pour 100lbs of wax a day.  The racks gave us more room to store 80 large rolls of all our different labels, including our redesigned travel tin labels. 

The new shelf gives each fragrance its own shelf rather than sharing, storing more products and making them more readily available to you.  We also added a hanging packing peanut dispenser to the remodeled shipping area, and now shipments can be sent out with much more speed and ease!


Wicks, Wicks, Wicks

In other production news, for the past couple months we have also been testing out different types of wicks to replace our current ones.  We’ve tested a variety of wicks with differences ranging from thickness, to their material. 

The new wicks will be similar to our old ones in the sense that they (when used properly) will burn the wax to the edge of the candle, will provide a clean, even burn, and will translate all of our unique fragrances.  However, they may also allow you to burn your candle even longer than before!


Looking to the Future...

All of these exciting updates express how Antique Candle Works has grown and continues to provide enjoyable candle experiences to a multitude of those who have burned our candles.  Therefore, this has us looking to the future and what you may expect to come from the candle studio.  We hope to add another melter soon that would allow us to pour an additional 50lbs at a time, and potentially 200lbs in a single day!  We are also rebooting our Pinterest page, which will be full of beautiful farmhouse decor, vintage design, and of course, candles!  

Finally, this fall, we are planning to add a special, limited time fragrance to Antique Candle Works!  We are looking forward to making this brand new scent available to everyone in the next few months!  Be on the lookout for more information on this limited time offer and how, as an email subscriber, you can get involved, too!


A Special Thanks

All of the developments that have occurred here in the candle studio could not have been possible without all of the loyal wholesale and retail customers that have supported us.  You are our friends, and you encourage us to strive for greatness and bring you the best product possible.  We hope to continue to provide an enjoyable, memorable experience through our candles, and maybe even meet new friends along the way.

Thank you.


We appreciate your feedback!  Let us know what you think of all this exciting candle studio news and stay up-to-date with Instagram!


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Backroads and Lavender photography by Erica from Our Humble Nest.

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