mason jar diy: spring herb garden

Spring has SPRUNG, friends!

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and it's time for the CUTEST Mason Jar DIY that is beyond perfect to welcome in the spring season.

Last time we showed you some adorable vintage globes that add a festive touch to your seasonal decor. This time we wanted something adorable yet practical, and you will definitely NEED this in your life this spring, friend:


Mason Jar Herb Garden!

Nothing says "spring" like taking something old and turning it into something new, beautiful, and full of freshness. That is exactly what we did with some repurposed Mason jar candles and a bit of Plant Lady love, inspired by our Fresh Cut Herbs candle!

What you will need:

  • Three old 16oz Antique Candle Co.® Mason jar candles
  • Three herb plants (we used basil, mint, and rosemary)
  • Decorative potting filler
  • Craft paper tags
  • Thin jute string

1. Clean out your old candle jars. Follow our tutorial to easily clean out leftover wax and make your 16oz jars crystal clear!

2. Now add your filler. Our Mason jars make this easy as you can just pour it to the first measured line on the jar. We used a filler made of crushed stones, but you can use whatever filler you like!

3. Now it's time to get dirty! (Literally!)

This is the fun part.

Remove the herb plant from its temporary container and loosen the soil into the jar, careful not to tear too many roots.

Once you have loosened enough soil into the jar, you can slide in the rest of the soil and roots. Ours fit perfectly! All you have to do, then, is just push the soil down around the base of the plants to smooth the surface.

Now would also be a good time for a water break!

4. Last but not least: tags. If you're lucky enough to have a friend with gorgeous calligraphy skills (THANK YOU, Tori!), you can pre-label your tags.

We threaded our jute string through the tag first, and then looped it around the center of the jar's rim twice before simply tying it in the back.

And there you have it! The most adorable DIY herb garden EVER! See? I wasn't lying when we said you'd need this in your life ASAP.

We'll definitely be making a few more of these at home and pairing them with the inspiration for this project: our Fresh Cut Herbs soy candle!

This Mason jar herb garden is the perfect recreation of the fragrance with a cozy, spiced bouquet of fresh basil and spearmint, intertwined with clean notes of subtly sweet apple and light florals.

Did you love this DIY? Check out more Mason Jar DIY ideas on the blog and Pinterest! If you're feeling inspired, create your Mason jar herb garden and tag us on Instagram!

Happy crafting, friends!

Smell Fresh Cut Herbs


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  • Wendy Hubbell

    That’s a great idea to use the candles jars ! I love it 💕

  • Diane Copeland

    Great ideas to get a jump on SPRING, enjoy fresh herbs…and to repurpose those antique mason jars!

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