mason jar diy: vintage snow globe

Y’all I am so excited to share with you Antique Candle Co.®’s (Previously Antique Candle Works) CUTEST Mason Jar DIY yet! I think we can all agree that repurposing old Mason jar candles into something unique and beautiful is all part of the fun with handmade candles, and we had so much fun putting together this craft for you!

We’ve shown you how to make your own Jute String Lantern, and even how to make rustic painted vases, but this next Mason jar up-cycle is a MUST for the fall and holiday season:


Vintage Snow Globes!

They are literally too cute!  I need at least ten of these globes to put around my home and the candle studio, and even more to share as Christmas gifts!  The vintage farm style touches my heart on a spiritual level, friends.  These repurposed jars are so simple yet so adorable!


Christmas Truck Globe

What you will need:

old Antique Candle Co.® 8oz candle jar, old jar lid, mini vintage truck from Hobby Lobby (note: your standard sized toy truck is too big), mini evergreen tree from Hobby Lobby (snip off its stand if it has one), faux snow, red & white baker’s twine, 2 mini red jingle bells from Hobby Lobby too!

1. Clean out your candle jar. You’ll want to follow our tutorial to get your 8oz jar as crystal clear as possible.  After washing it, make sure it is completely dry before moving on to the next step!

2. Add your faux snow to the jar. You just want to line the bottom with a layer that isn’t too thin, but isn’t too deep.  You don’t want to bury your truck!

3. Next, you’ll want to carefully tie the mini tree to the truck with the baker’s twine. I just looped it up from under the truck and tied it on the tree. 

Then you can snip the excess string and smooth down the strands into the branches of the tree.

4. Now comes the surprisingly tricky part: getting your truck in the jar just right.

You may have to fiddle around with it so that it looks perfect in the snow, but it isn’t too hard and is so worth it!

5. Screw the old Mason jar lid onto the globe, and use the baker’s twine to wrap around the lip of the jar.

    At this point it’s easy to string your jingle bells on the twine, then you can tie a cute little bow!

    And there you have it, one super Pinterest-worthy Vintage Snow Globe!  It’s so perfect for the holidays!  But if you’re still loving the cozy season, the fall version is just as easy as the winter one!


    Fall Tractor Globe

    What you will need:

    old Antique Candle Co.® 8oz candle jar, old jar lid, mini vintage tractor (note: your standard sized toy tractor is too big), mini pumpkins, faux grass, jute string, straw button bow, glue

    Follow all the same instructions as the Christmas globe, except with all your fall goodies!

    You’ll want to make sure you get your tractor/pumpkin placement just perfect!

    Instead of twine, use jute string to wrap around the lip of the 8oz jar, and tie it off.

    Use an adhesive such as hot glue to attach your pre-made straw bow to the front of the jute string.

    So simple and so fun!  I get tons of pumpkin patch and corn maze nostalgia from this adorable vintage globe!  It reminds me of home.

    Who else needs these Vintage Snow Globes in their life?  I’d love to see you try this Mason jar craft out on your own!  Post a picture and tag us on Instagram!

    Did you like this DIY?  There are more Mason Jar DIYs on the blog, and tons of DIY home projects on our Pinterest page!

    Happy crafting, friends!


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      When is the Christmas Tree Farm candle coming out?

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      When is the Christmas Tree Farm candle going to be available?

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