mason jar diy: jute string lantern

I don’t know about you, but I love crafting! 

It’s so satisfying to create something fun and unique with your own two hands, which is exactly what Antique Candle Co. (previously Antique Candle Works) strives to do with every hand poured soy candle!  With that in mind, I’m drawing inspiration from the Mason jars we use to house our candles to give you yet another Mason Jar DIY!


From an adorable bathroom set to rustic vases, the possibilities for repurposing Mason jars, and even vintage Ball jars, are endless! 

This DIY is a little more in depth than the last one, but it is so cute!  It is perfect now that the days are warmer and the days are sunnier.  You can enjoy it indoors or outdoors, and once you make one you’ll definitely want to make one or two more!  I present to you:


Jute String Lantern

Isn’t it so cute and stylish?  I can’t get enough of these!  The best part is that they can work with any size Mason jar candle or antique Ball jar candle!  It’s a great repurposing project for anyone!

What you will need

Old Antique Candle Co. candle (I used a 16oz and 8oz Mason jar, and an antique blue Ball jar), jute string, craft scissors

1. Clean out your candle jars. I left our jars clear, but if you want to paint them, check out how to paint and distress your jar on this blog.

2. Depending on what size jar you are using, you will measure and cut 8 strands of jute. This also determines how long your lantern will hang (remember, it’s always better to have extra that you can cut later). 

A trick you can do is to turn the jar upside down and measure jute around the jar vertically from top rim of the jar, to bottom, back to top, then multiply that length by ten.  For 16oz, I cut 8 pieces about 96 inches long (this made it a little longer); for 8oz, I cut 8 pieces that were about 56 inches long (this made it a little shorter).

3. Divide the jute in half so you have two bunches of 4 strands each. Find the center of each bunch, and cross them.  You may have to use objects to hold the strands in place because you are working with a lot of jute!

4. Now for the trickiest part. You will tie a lanyard knot at this center point.  Don’t worry, it’s not bad once you get the hang of it!  We’re taking this one slow: 

  • Once you crisscross the strands, bring the top part of one strand down over the other strand on the left side. We will call this ‘Strand A,’ and the one that hasn’t moved yet ‘Strand B.’

  • Next, take the right side of Strand B and move it underneath both halves of Strand A at the bottom of the center point.

  • Take that same part of Strand B that you just moved and take it back over the two halves of Strand A that you just went under.

  • From the center point, find the bottom half of Strand A (the piece you haven’t moved yet), and bring it up over, over, and under the pieces of the right half of Strand B. Doing this will create a new center point.

  • That’s it! Now all you have to do is carefully bring the knot together by pulling opposite ends of the knot so that you are pulling two ends of the same strand. 

Just keep pulling the opposite corners until the knot finally shrinks down into your lanyard knot!  This is the bottom of the jute lantern.

5. Next, you will find two strands that are right next to each other and tie them together about 1½ inches up from the center.

6. Do this with the next two strands, and so on.

    Continue tying knots all around the center until you have the shape of a flower and there are not more lone strings of jute.

    7. Now you will just do the same thing on the next outer layer. Take two strings right next to each other and tie those about 1½ inches up from the last knots.

      Again, just do this all the way around until every strand has a pair and you see an even larger flower shape.

      8. Depending on what size jar you are using for the lantern, repeat step 7 until you reach the height of your jar. You will notice the jute begin to raise as you do this, and that is because it is already forming the holder for your jar!  This makes tying knots a little trickier, so just simply move the jute around or to the side so you can easily tie those knots!

        You can have the knots reach up over the rim of your jar (which is what I did), or a little below the rim.  That’s up to you!

        The number of layers of knots depends on the height or your jar and the thickness of the jute you are using.  I was using thicker jute, so the 16oz size only needed 4 layers, and the 8oz only needed 3 layers.

        9. Lastly, you will knot the ends of all the strands together. This is where you will hang your lantern, so it needs to be a decent knot.  You can also tie in a curtain loop or metal d-ring to hang the lantern with, but just hanging it by the knot worked fine for me! 

        Now you can enjoy your adorable jute string lantern!  You can put anything inside them, or nothing at all, and they still look stunning no matter where you hang them! 

        I left mine empty, added a little tea light, and for my person favorite, put in fairy string lights!

        If you loved this DIY project as much as I did, make sure to check out some of the others we’ve done!  Also, if you tried this project for yourself, be sure to comment below and post a picture of your own jute string lantern!

        Check out the Antique Candle Co. Pinterest page for more DIY Home ideas!


        Have a beautiful day, friends!

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