thank you for Country Pear


This week, God blessed us through you, friend. But I truly never thought I'd be THIS blessed thanks to you!

Months of long, hard work has led up to March 5th, a day that will forever be remembered in the studio for many reasons.

THIS is what happened when we launched our newest, yummiest candle, Country Pear by Cotton Stem:

FIRST (and maybe most importantly): thousands of you finally got to smell the coziest candle ever: Country Pear by Cotton Stem! It's just so yummy in the nose with the fresh golden pear and rich plum highlighted with brown sugar vanilla and soft notes of roasted hazelnut.

This is exactly how the candle studio smelled for weeks leading up to the launch of Country Pear. We were so excited to finally be able to share this amazing scent with all of our candle friends because we knew you would LOVE IT!

SECOND: 5 new candle makers + shippers joined our team in the past two weeks to help us make more Country Pear candles. That’s 5 new jobs for 5 awesome individuals! We knew we would need the extra hands, and you are to thank for that.

Please know this: you are making a difference in the lives of our candle makers in Lafayette, Indiana. They love their job, and I love creating a positive, fun work environment. Such a blessing! 

THIRD: Our business blossomed. In a way that is so exciting it's hard to put into words. We've been working on the creation of a signature fragrance with Erin from Cotton Stem blog since July 2018. It's been MONTHS of testing fragrances and designing new labels. SO MUCH has been invested in the launch of this very special candle.

As a business owner, there was so much at stake for me and my full-time missionary husband (not to mention the livelihood of 32 employees). But you helped surpass all expectations and made all that hard work so so worth it!

How did all this happen?


And I am so grateful.

We sold THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of Country Pear candles in a single day. March 5, 2019 will forever be a day I look back on. The day you showed up and supported this small, but growing, candle company.


My dear candle friend, I appreciate you. More than you know.



Founder + CEO of Antique Candle Co.


  • Janine S.K. Baird

    Oh my gawsh!!! I first heard about y’all last fall and I became obsessed with the Fall Harvest candle. BEST smelling autumnal candle out there!! Then came along Good Tidings and my house was filled with its Christmasy Joyfulness! And now you created, with Erin, COUNTRY PEAR!!!! My eyes literally rolled back in my head as I inhaled its freshness!! Love Love L O V E it!!! Yup, it’s my NEW favorite!! “Every good and perfect gift is from above….” James 1:17

  • Ann Roberts

    I love your candles and I need to purchase the pear cotton. I know the smell will be awesome like all of your other candles. I’m so happy for this company and God has Blessed ya’ll❤️

  • Chery

    So happy the Lord is blessing your small business. I can’t wait to receive my candle!!

  • Michelle Sweeney

    I just got mine today!!! I can’t even tell you how wonderful it is!!!!!! Oh my gosh you guys make the most beautiful candles ever!!!!! Smell and packaging!!!!👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😬

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